The Biggest Boom On the Market

High Yield exploding targets

4 x the the yield, of any other, competing, exploding targets on the market. While the other guys on the market are trying to master a single reaction, we stack multiple reactions. 


A product made for condusers of the boom

American Powder works: No other binary on the market compares.

Extremely hard hitting. It comes in a new heat sealed bag, making it the best product on the market for long term storage solutions. You no longer have to worry about those faulty bottle seals. Range friendly and does not leave any heavy plastics laying about that you see with other binary kits. Minimum shooting distance of 100y/m. This truly isn’t your Grandpa’s binary. Explosive equivalent of 4 pounds of common binary.

Once you try American Powders Works, High Yield Exploding Targets, You will never waste your money on products that do not work again

on pund bolder
What you are seeing is the before and after on a boulder about 4 foot in diameter made out quartz and iron, weighing about 40 tons.
Using one small kit, then a second to finish the job, they were placed ON THE SURFACE of the rock and shot to break it up and expose the cavity behind it. Definitely not your grandpa's binary.....

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