• Contains the essential items to treat leading causes of preventable combat death
  • Packaged for small cube space, designed to fit into a BDU pocket or current IFAK pouch
  • Vacuum-sealed in a rugged, durable, easy-to-open clear package so that kit contents can be easily visualized
  • Includes 9 line MEDEVAC Card
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The Supplemental IFAK Resupply Kit (SIRK™) Gen 1, by North American Rescue® is a compact, durable and easy-to-open vacuum sealed kit that contains the essential items to treat leading causes of preventable combat death. Designed to fit into a BDU pocket or IFAK pouch, the SIRK™ is packaged in a clear bag to allow easy visualization of the kit contents while protecting the items from the elements. If preferred, the contents can also be removed from the vacuum sealed packaging to re-stock an existing IFAK.

The SIRK™ features your choice of hemostatic gauze providing the latest treatment capability for the rapid control of severely bleeding wounds. Together with critical hemorrhage control, the SIRK™ also addresses airway and breathing management as well as personal protection. Additionally, a SIRK™ Kit Contents Card with 9 Line MEDVAC printed on the back is included.

Hemostatic Agent

Combat Gauze, ChitoGauze PRO


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